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Beth Gadwa

Peer Wellness Coach

As a coach, I bring the unique perspective of somebody who has successfully lived with health challenges for over two decades. If you have experienced a chronic health condition or invisible illness, I'd be honored to be your friend, advocate, and cheerleader.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: My practice is currently closed, but you are welcome to contact me to reserve a spot on the waiting list.

Are you a friend, relative, or caregiver?   Find resources here.

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Coaching Topics

Work, Family, Relationships, Education, Health & Wellness, Exercise & Fitness, Life after Diagnosis, Life after Hospitalization, Coping with Symptoms, Coping with Side Effects, Stopping Stigma, Setting Goals
"So many individuals who receive a serious diagnosis and heavy medication give up their own agency, but that’s exactly where the most powerful healing factor is likely to reside. Everyone needs to develop their own sense of self and an ability to find their own way."
 Karen O. Hodges, Ph.D.

Most of my career has been spent in technology. I have been part of several successful startups, as well as numerous open source projects. I am a certified Peer Support Specialist through the Oregon Health Authority and trained with the American Life Coach Academy for my Certified Professional Coach credential. I am a trauma survivor.


I also offer entrepreneurial coaching services.

My time on this planet has given me enormous confidence that we can heal and learn. That's why I chose to become a coach.

As a life and wellness coach, I work primarily with individuals diagnosed with bipolar illness, PMDD, or unipolar depression, in consultation with a licensed therapist and/or psychiatrist. While licensed clinicians typically concentrate on medication management and healing deep-seated issues, coaching is focused on achieving specific goals. 


Your goals may include going back to school or work, developing an exercise plan, or dating after divorce or separation. You may be coping with a recent diagnosis or hospitalization, or you may be dealing with stresses and symptoms that are hidden to the casual observer. My mission in coaching is to meet you where you are. Together we work to develop goals that are both inspiring and attainable.

Coaching can be either short term or ongoing. It is meant to complement, not replace, traditional psychotherapy and medical care.​


Contact Me

At present I split my time between Portland, Oregon and Western Massachusetts. This means that I have availability across time zones, although it's always helpful to schedule calls in advance. I welcome inquiries from all persons living with mood disorders, as well as caregivers, allies, and health professionals. Private information is held in strictest confidence within legal limits. I typically respond to email correspondence within 2-4 business days.

Office Address:

5441 SE Belmont St

Portland, OR 97215

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