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Coaching sessions may be video, online, or in-person. In most cases, sessions last for one hour. Email correspondence, texts, and brief phone calls (less than five minutes) are also included under the coaching relationship at no extra charge. If you are a current client, please allow up to 24 hours for an email response.

Structured short-term coaching packages are available for the following topics: Life after Diagnosis, Life after Hospitalization, Dating & Relationships, Career, Fitness, and Creativity.

Depending on your needs and goals, our coaching relationship may be short term (2-6 sessions) or ongoing. This is something we will discuss together in our introductory call. I often recommend short term coaching because it is affordable for more people, and because it is possible to work through a detailed and specific roadmap in a short amount of time.

"Medical treatment of bipolar disorder, even when otherwise of great help, can erode a person’s confidence, handicapping them in the process of learning to trust their own judgment.  Beth offers one of the first and most important resources needed by such persons: simply engaging with them respectfully on a human level."
 - Karen O. Hodges, Ph.D.
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