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Coaching Packages

I offer several coaching packages created specifically for clients with mood disorders. The goal is focused, topic-specific assistance in navigating life with a mental health condition.

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Life after Diagnosis 

This package is intended for people of any age who have recently received a psychiatric diagnosis from a licensed physician. You may wonder how your life will change. You may wonder what choices are realistic for people with this diagnosis, what to share with friends and family, and whether you will have to take medication your entire life. We spend time in this package exploring what has worked according to published research, as well as how to develop good coping strategies and a “game plan” for success.  3 sessions. $285  Sign up.

Fitness Coaching

Fitness is an essential element of mental and emotional as well as physical wellness. Daily exercise has been shown to be as effective as an antidepressant in improving mood. Yet for many of us, it’s hard to get started in a fitness routine. “Homework” here is very hands on. If we are in the same physical location or doing our session by phone, we can plan one or more sessions as a walk or hike. This package helps you identify several possible fitness strategies, and try out routines before deciding on the fitness practice that is right for you. 4 sessions. $375  Sign up.

Relationships and Dating

We discuss how a diagnosis can impact relationships and dating: both partners’ perceptions and the relationship itself. We identify what you are looking for in a partner and a healthy relationship, and work together to develop strategies that will support this. 3 sessions. $285  Sign up.

Career Coaching

Are you looking to get back into the work force after a period of disability? Are you considering transitioning from one field to another, or going back to school? How does workplace stress and hour requirements factor into your decisions? We examine all these questions and work together to get you on track toward the job you really want. Resume review and mock interviews may also be included. 4 sessions. $375  Sign up.

Creativity Coaching

Many of us who take daily medication may wonder about its effect on our creativity. Creativity is yet another aspect of life that can be disrupted by a serious episode or bout of ill health. These sessions are different than art therapy in that while discussion of the illness may be a factor, our goal together is to focus on your creative practice and growth as an artist. So many of us find an outlet through creative practice. We are visual artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, improv artists, and computer coders—often several of the above. But you don’t need to be a professional or experienced artist to participate. We balance our time between discussing art works in your chosen genre(s) and developing goals and strategies to help you find time to work and challenge yourself creatively. 6 sessions. $545.  Sign up.

Sessions are available by phone, web video, or in-person. You are welcome to contact me by phone or email during our time together. Packages last between 3 – 6 sessions and contain “homework,” as well as an online study guide that is yours to keep. Because we meet several times, you have the opportunity to work through assignments on your own schedule. We spend time choosing your goals and defining real steps you can take toward them.


All clients with a diagnosed mood disorder must be seeing a licensed medical doctor or therapist to participate.

I also offer traditional weekly and biweekly coaching services for new and returning clients at the rate of $100/hour.

Not sure which approach is right for you?


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